Elysian Labs

Elysian Labs is a new consumer AI company with the goal of making anime real.
If this sounds like something you'd like to dedicate your life to, we're hiring!
We offer a $1,000 referral bonus for any completed hire.



Elysian Labs is based in San Francisco but is open to remote roles for exceptional individuals.
All roles are full-time and offer competitive compensation, equity, healthcare, and a super fun and unique culture.
All roles require a strong ability to get shit done, high autonomy, love for the anime aesthetic, and a sense of humor.
We strongly encourage you to apply even if you don't match a specific role. If you're amazing, we're interested in you.
We welcome nontraditional backgrounds - applying only takes a few minutes!


Our first product is a suite of unique animated AI companions. Unlike other companions, they will be good, fun, and cute.
The goal of our initial product is to generate 8+ figures in revenue to fund further r&d in pursuit of making anime real.
We have a strong focus on high-quality media, loveable characters, and blurring the lines between fantasy and reality.
We value experimentation with new products, game-like immersion, and giving users what they want and will pay for.
The end goal of Elysian Labs is to make a utopia users love which is indistinguishable from reality.


The founder of Elysian Labs is Asara Near (𝕏), who also supplied initial capital.
Near runs many projects in the AI x anime space including This Anime Does Not Exist (2021, prior to SD), Koe (2022, ArsTechnica), and Holara (2023, $0.5M ARR in 2mo). He also ran the startup accelerator AI Grant with Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross.
The image to the right is Ely. You'll see much more of her and others in the near future.
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